Monday, January 4, 2010

First Posting

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I've set this up principally for the entertainment of my friends, with musings, thoughts, descriptions of things that seem important (at least at the time).

Of course, anybody is welcome to read it, contribute to it, comment, express ideas.

I could have titled this first post "How I spent my summer holiday", which though short, was productive. I spent it writing, mostly. A couple of months ago, my base for this activity became Plimmerton, which (for those of you unfamiliar with New Zealand's lower North Island) is about 20 minutes north of Wellington (the nation's caplital).

It's a cottage (for the romantic) or a shack (for the rest of you), with one of the most spectacular views imaginable. Looking out from the window (on a straight line trajectory South-West) you can see 1. Foliage of native plants 2. The Pacific Ocean (today dead flat and very blue) 3. A bit of a peninsua of the North Island (I think it's a golf course) 4. Queen Charlotte Sound, the NE tip of the South Island. Did I mention it's spectacular?

I think it's important to have an inspiring setting in which to think and write. Maybe the passion to do it can turn any setting into an inspiring one. (Look at Oscare Wilde, after all.)

This is the spot from which I'll be blogging and from which my next book (Intangible Natural Heritage will be edited, assembled, and otherwise beaten into submission.

Look forward to communicating with you...

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